Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Emphysema/COPD and Conventional Medicine

I have been taking care of my mother who was diagnosed with emphysema almost 5 years ago. Her general practice physician and her pulmonary specialist started her on the usual emphysema medications and treatments and she began to deteriorate almost immediately. Her weight dropped from 103 lbs to 77 lbs and she went from not needing any supplemental oxygen at the time of her diagnosis to requiring 4 liters of continuous oxygen not to mention ending up nearly bedridden, only leaving her room for 15 to 20 minutes each day.

I researched for almost 4 years all night, every night so I could check on her regularly throughout the night and make sure she didn't stop breathing. After over 6500 hours of research, I realized what the etiology of the disease emphysema actually was and why it continues to get worse long after the patient stops smoking. I then realized why the drugs they currently prescribe for emphysema not only fail to cure the disease or reverse any of the symptoms, they actually make the patient worse.

Once I realized why the medications the doctors were prescribing made her worse I began to understand what had to be done to reverse this debilitating disease and immediately applied these principles to my mother’s daily regimen. She began to improve almost immediately. Within 3.5 to 4 months she gained 22 lbs of the 26 pounds she had lost over the previous 4+ years and was able to reduce her oxygen from 4 liters of continuous oxygen to only 2 liters. At present, she only requires supplemental oxygen some of the time. She is now able to go 18 hours at a time without any supplemental oxygen and even sleeps without any oxygen some of the time, something she has not been able to do for over 4 years.

I wrote a book outlining her struggles and ongoing recovery from this debilitating disease after being told by everyone I asked in the medical field that it was terminal. At this point you probably know what I think, NO IT ISN'T! The book is available as an e-book at the following site:  

If you would rather not spend any money you can get the diet portion of the book for FREE! This will allow you to try the diet and after a few weeks, if you are like 7000 others who have seen improvements beginning in the 3rd and 4th weeks!

All you need to do is follow the link below and sign up for the, 


  1. Thank you for all your research. I was diagnosed with mild (stage 0ne)COPD in 1999.
    Quit smoking, took all the medication prescribed, progressively got worse, was hospitalized and downgraded to the final stage of COPD in 2001. Very similar to your Mom. Difference I gained an enourmouse amount of weight. Begged for help - doctors continued to say eat healthy, exercise and don't worry. Went through a slew of doctors, both medical and alternative and a ton of tests only to hear we can't help you. I started eliminating medications on my own cuz none of this made sense to me and slowly improving. Unfortunately this is a slow go for me. I've discovered many of the things you've discovered through research trial and error and I'll be doing well until an emergency sets me so far back. The last was a back to back lung failure in December 08 and I am just now getting my sea legs back. I'm reading your book, already doing many of the things you did for your mom so I'm very encouraged to find one person at last who believes as I do that the medical community made me worse and is not helping to heal me. Only God can help me and heal me - I'll always believe that but also God can point me directions to live healthy and He pointed me to you. So I thank you for all your research and findings and I'm continuing to read and learn from you.

  2. I just read the book in its entirety and it's a very worthwhile read for anyone with COPD and their caretakers.

    You are on the right track.