Saturday, December 12, 2009

Why Does Emphysema Get Worse So Long After Smoking Cessation?

Part 3 of 7
This, along with my mother’s worsening condition, greatly intensified my research. The intensity increased to a level higher than any I had ever experienced in college or for any new job I had taken in the past. After all, my mom was dying and I was quickly realizing that no one, including the doctors and their staff, was doing anything to save my mother’s life. I had to find some answers. I began to ask the doctors three simple questions. These questions I asked of each of her three doctors at the time. They are as follows:
  1. “Why is my mother’s emphysema worsening even though she has quit smoking? What is the mechanism at work  causing this disease to progress?”  
  2. “How many medications do you have at your disposal that you can prescribe for various ailments?
  3. “Can you name one that cures a single disease?

Not one doctor could ever come up with one drug that cured even one disease. This really concerned me. Why did they prescribe these drugs like candy if they weren’t curing anything? What was their motivation? Didn’t they realize they were killing people with these drugs? Maybe they did, maybe they didn’t but one thing was for sure, none of them seemed overly concerned about it.

The first question seemed to perplex the pulmonary specialist. He gave me some additional rhetoric about the disease progressing after being set in motion by smoking but when I persisted with my question,

“Why is my mother’s emphysema worsening even though she has quit smoking? What is the mechanism at work causing this disease to progress?”

He finally admitted they didn’t know. It was a mystery. A mystery? All those years of education and they were satisfied with emphysema being a mystery. Well, I’m sorry but that’s not good enough for me! Some how, some way, I was going to solve this big mystery. Maybe I was just dumb enough to believe that I could solve this big mystery. Maybe as a Christian, since I had been praying to God every night to help me find the answers and believed whole heartedly that God would lead me to the answers, I continued my research. I began to look in obscure places on the internet for answers.

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