Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Smoking Cessation Product That Actually Works

When my mother was diagnosed with emphysema and copd I was reminded again just how dangerous smoking is. I had tried to quit many times using a variety of methods. I first tried the classic nicorette gum which I had a little success with but I did not quit smoking. I did manage to slow down the smoking each day I used it and that certainly accounted for something. I then tried the patches thinking maybe it would take away my desire for cigarettes altogether but I got fidgety and eventually I was smoking a pack a day again.

I then decided to try hypnosis thinking I just needed to train my brain to not want or crave nicotine. That worked for 3 days, well almost 3 days. I was getting desperate and running out of smoking cessation options when I found aversion therapy. The idea was to associate smoking with such unpleasant stimuli that it would almost make you sick just to think about smoking. I tried educating myself with information from the “quit smoking” phone lines that are present in all states now, I think. Along with this education I found pictures of diseased lungs that was caused from smoking. This made me nervous and you guessed it, I smoked even more.

I was talking to a friend of mine who after moving out of the state with his wife had called me. He had smoked a pack or more of Marlboro reds daily. He told me the only way to quit was using the nicotine inhalers. I had never heard of nicotine inhalers but I was determined to find them so I got in the car and headed for Wal Mart. Much to my disappointment they were not available at Wal Mart and the pharmacist said they were not available without a prescription. Every other country in the world allow you to purchase this effective smoking cessation product but ours.

In the U. S. instead of spending $50 and buying a box of 42 cartridges like you can everywhere else you need a visit to your doctor $75 and then a prescription for the nicotine inhalers ($95). Instead of getting ripped off I went online and found Kiwi Drugs in New Zealand. They are very friendly and very quick to ship. $49 and 10 days later I had my nicotine inhalers. I quit smoking that day just trying one of the cartridges and have not smoked since. I actually like these better than cigarettes. I have my nicotine inhaler with my coffee (when I drink coffee which is rare these days) and even have one with my occasional beer. I am amazed at how wonderfully these things work. I get craving a cigarette thinking there is no way the inhaler will work on this very strong craving but low and behold they do every time.

When I first started on these nicotine inhalers two weeks ago I used 6 cartridges each day but now, only two weeks later, I am down to only 2 cartridges. A very quick taper unlike what I experienced with the gum or the patches.

If you are interested in trying these nicotine inhalers for yourself or someone you know, follow the link below and go to the bottom of the page. Click on the “Kiwi Drugs” banner and you are on your way to a smoke-free life like me.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

COPD and Emphysema Treatments that Work

My mother was diagnosed with emphysema and COPD over 5 years ago. She began the usual emphysema treatment regimen and the COPD treatment regimen that all emphysema and COPD patients are prescribed. This emphysema treatment regimen and the COPD treatment regimen included albuterol sulfate, Advair™, Spiriva™ and regular prescriptions for prednisone and antibiotics to treat inflammation and the secondary infections that often occur with COPD and emphysema.

All of the components of the emphysema treatment regimen and the
COPD treatment regimen seemed to work to varying degrees at the beginning however, the disease continued to progress. My mother had stopped smoking and still the disease  progressed. The doctors said that smoking had caused the emphysema and COPD yet even after quitting the disease worsened at a steady pace.

During 2005 I noticed that she was given 3 prescriptions for prednisone and 7 prescriptions for antibiotics and her condition worsened at an accelerated rate. The progression of the disease seemed to advance at a steady pace until that year. I began to wonder,

“is the emphysema treatment and the
COPD treatment causing her emphysema and COPD to progress? Could the emphysema treatment and the COPD treatment that were designed to slow the progression of COPD and emphysema actually be making it worse?”

That was hard to believe since the emphysema treatment regimen and the
COPD treatment regimen had gone through vigorous clinical trials and been approved by the FDA as medications that would slow the progression of COPD and emphysema. Was it just a coincidence that the emphysema treatment regimen and the COPD treatment regimen were present and emphysema and COPD just at that stage where it was overtaking her ability to fight it off?

As each component of the emphysema treatment and the
COPD treatment stopped working my mother one by one refused to use them. First the albuterol sulfate stopped working so the doctor changed it to DuoNeb™ which was albuterol sulfate with ipratropium bromide, the same medication that is active in Combivent™. Next the Spiriva™ quit working and last the Advair™ stopped working for her. These major components of the emphysema treatment regimen and the COPD treatment regimen were no longer effective for treating her emphysema and COPD.

I decided I had to solve the mystery of why
COPD and emphysema were getting worse without smoking in the picture and figure out why most of the components of the emphysema treatment and the COPD treatment were no longer working for her. The doctors didn’t seem to know and that worried me more than the progression of her emphysema and COPD did. I realized there was no where to go for answers. It would have to rely on extensive research on both emphysema and COPD and each component of the emphysema treatment regimen and the COPD treatment regimen.

The doctors had told me that there was no cure for emphysema and
COPD and I watched as the medications designed to slow the progress of the disease stopped working. We truly had a serious problem and the task at hand seemed insurmountable but I persisted anyway researching every night without fail since my mother’s life depended on it.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Another Problem Arises: As If Emphysema Wasn't Enough!!

A few years after my mother’s diagnosis with emphysema and COPD another problem arose. She began having seizures and had actually collapsed at the drug store waiting in line for more prescriptions. She was put on additional medications to control the seizures. When I asked her new doctor, the neurologit, what was causing the seizures he gave me some more rhetoric. I again persisted with my questioning until I got the same response I had gotten from the pulmonary specialist.

“We don’t know what causes these seizures. We only know that these medications control the seizures.”

Another mystery?! You have got to be kidding me! I wondered why medical school took so long to get through if everything was a mystery. I also wondered how my mother had gone 72 years without any debilitating ailments and now in less than two years she had two seemingly unrelated debilitating conditions. I began to wonder if they could be related.

She told me that she had initially gone to the doctor complaining of dizziness and had actually fallen on the driveway trying to get the mail from the mailbox. Her doctor had tried a myriad of medications to solve this problem but to no avail. She was still dizzy most of the time and now had two additional problems, emphysema and COPD along with seizures.

Because of their manifestation, chronologically, I began to think that they had to be related in some way. I didn’t know how they were related but it seemed too coincidental that they would all materialize in such a short period of time and not be coming from the same or similar sources. I realized the doctors didn’t think so but they thought everything was a mystery and at that point I didn’t have much confidence in any of them for the obvious reasons.

I remember when one doctor told me that emphysema could actually be caused genetically and I replied that I knew in rare cases emphysema was caused by an alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency. I’ll never forget the blank look I got from him after that statement. I believe he realized that my knowledge of this disease had eclipsed what he knew about it. Granted he treated many diseases throughout the day and I was only researching one but nonetheless I now knew at least, if not more, than he did about this disease.

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