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Reverse Emphysema: A Logical Approach

Emphysema Diagnosis

When my mother was diagnosed with emphysema I was worried. I had worked in a hospital many years earlier and remembered watching patients deteriorate, looking more disheveled with each successive visit. I knew they had most likely succumbed to the disease. 

I hoped and prayed that the pharmaceutical industry had developed medications and emphysema treatments that would at least stop the progression of emphysema. After researching emphysema, chronic bronchitis and COPD for approximately 10 months I realized they had not. They had developed new medications that were supposed to slow the progress of the disease. Unfortunately, they had not developed one drug that would cure the disease or stop its progression.

It wasn't long until I realized I had been looking at pharmaceutical web sites or at least sites beholden to them through advertising revenue or some other means. I needed a way of finding information that was not controlled by the pharmaceutical industry. I understand making profit in business but I despise the practice when it is the focus of these pharmaceutical companies instead of the health and well-being of the patients taking the drugs they sell.

Alternative Emphysema Treatment

Since I had no luck finding any effective emphysema treatments at the pharmaceutical web sites, I got back to basics. I had taken a graduate course in Pathology many years earlier and I remembered that all pathogens ate sugar. The only sugar available to them was the "systemic sugar" which was a result of overloading the body with sugar or sugary foods. The beta cells in the pancreas could not produce enough insulin quick enough so that it would actively transport the sugar across the cell membrane. (The function of insulin is active transport of sugar across the cell membrane so the cells can use it for energy.)

This systemic sugar provided a food supply to pathogens residing in our bodies. It appeared to me, even though it was ignored by my mother's doctors, that there was some residual pathogen still growing or proliferating in my mother's lungs. She had quit smoking yet her deterioration continued. The prescribed medications and emphysema treatments would mask a symptom temporarily. As soon as the drug wore off, the symptom was back and my mother was right back where she had started before taking the drug. The drugs seemed almost worthless.

I decided I would take sugar out of my mother's diet. What if this residual pathogen left over from my mother's 30+ years of smoking was proliferating because of the excess sugar in her diet? I not only removed all sugar from my mother's diet but I also eliminated simple carbohydrates such as bread and cereal as well as potatoes. I eliminated everything from her diet except protein like beef, pork, chicken and fish and fresh vegetables. I divided the vegetables in half and steamed the harder ones and made salads from the softer ones. It seemed as long as I made the meals tasty she was happy. I knew she would not be happy with this diet long. I knew she would miss bread and sweets soon so I watched her condition closely looking for any improvements.

The Improvement Begins

Amazingly after only two weeks she had improved. The improvement was not earth shattering but it was significant in that it was the only improvement she had shown since her diagnosis. She was still in End Stage Emphysema and still on 4 liters of supplemental oxygen 24/7 but she was no longer gasping for air most of the time. She was also eating a bit more food at each sitting. At first I thought it was because I was such a good cook but soon I realized it was her improving right before my eyes. This simple diet change based on real science, namely Pathology, was actually producing results and the prescribed medications and emphysema treatments were not other than the temporary masking of symptoms they provided.

The Research Begins

As my mother's condition slowly improved with this diet change I ramped up my research. I realized that the medical and pharmaceutical industries were not doing all that could be done for these emphysema, bronchitis and COPD patients. I began looking toward natural remedies, herbal health enhancements and high quality supplements that would produce actual improvement in my mother's condition. I know the drugs make a lot of money for the pharmaceutical companies and those who feel okay about investing in the stocks of these companies but they are not curing or stopping the progress of disease and in many cases their side-effects are worse than the symptoms they are supposed to treat.

Chronic Bronchitis: Eliminating Excess Mucus

One of the primary problems associated with bronchitis and especially chronic bronchitis is excess mucus production. This would not be such a problem if patients could cough up the mucus but it clumps together into large masses and coughing simply rustles it around in the lungs. 

My mother took Mucinex like candy almost daily. It seemed like I was always on my way to Wal-Mart for more Mucinex. I eventually realized all it was doing was drying up the mucus. It was not eliminating it. I now think it was providing the substrate for the numerous secondary infections which required additional prescriptions for antibiotics. 

In my research I found that mucus, or phlegm contains a high concentration of sulfur. These sulfur atoms form di-sulfide bonds with one another resulting in the large masses of mucus that could not be coughed up.

I found that N-acetyl-l-cysteine or NAC would break the di-sulfide bonds and essentially liquefy the mucus so my mother could easily cough it up. Finally she was getting this infection causing substance out of her body. This signalled the second significant improvement. My mother's doctors had told me that I should go ahead and give her Mucinex which along with the other crap they were prescribing was helping kill her off. 

I no longer trusted her doctors and I knew for certain they had no solutions to the emphysema problem. I had already found two very simple solutions that worked better than anything they had prescribed. These two solutions were producing lasting improvements. 

Need Additional Information?

If you would like additional information pick up a copy of the book, "How I Reversed My Mom's Emphysema." Follow the link below. Read the logic behind the cure and see if it doesn't make more sense than what you are currently being told about your disease.

I don't mean to be harsh but if all you are planning to do is take the emphysema medications and perform the emphysema treatments then you are not going to survive this disease. I made sure my mother took everything prescribed exactly as directed every day. After two and a half years she was in End Stage Emphysema, weighed only 77 pounds, required 4 liters of continuous, supplemental oxygen, could only sleep an hour at a time and only eat a small portion of food. She ad not smoked for this entire time! Her doctors were not upset because they expected her to die that year. Her primary care physician even put in her medical record that he needed to have a talk with the family so we would be accepting of the inevitable.

By December 2008 my mother's emphysema was cured. She had re-gained all of her weight and did not require any supplemental oxygen. She could eat a full plate of food and then some and had no trouble sleeping the entire night without waking.


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  5. Hi.
    I'm skeptical for one reason. If you have a cure for emphysema, why charge people for the information? You've said yourself that all pharmaceutical companies are interested in is money and they STILL aren't curing this disease yet you yourself are charging people who are desperate to live. Surely you've made enough money now? Can't you give this information for free to those who are dying? I believe that money should not be an issue when it comes to life and according to you, you agree. Isn't it time money stopped being a stipulation to saving lives?
    I've researched a little myself regarding this disease as my Mum died from it and I have always come across the same thing: need money for the information. It's so wrong to put a price on life...

  6. the cure should be given freely

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  8. The book is a lie. His name isn't Greg, it's WILLIAM Greg Miller. His mother died under hospice care at her daughters home. All documented and proven by court records. Also, his own sister had to go to court to have him REMOVED from his mother's home. Again, documented by open court records.

  9. How would you know this, Sand West? Are you Illuminati? Are you the Evil this world doesn't need?