Monday, October 31, 2011

Logical COPD and Emphysema Treatments That Work

When my mother was diagnosed with emphysema and COPD I made sure she took all her medications and did all of her nebulizer treatments right on time every day. I am sure most of you did the same. I was not interested in looking at or reading about alternatives to the medications because I thought they were working to either stop the progress of the disease or cure it.

Current Emphysema and COPD Medications

After researching the current medications prescribed for emphysema and COPD I was surprised when I realized the new medications that are still under patent do not stop the progress of the disease and so, naturally, they do not cure the emphysema and COPD either. 

I had worked in a hospital more than 20 years earlier and the medications they used then did not stop the progress of the emphysema and COPD but I thought surely by now they would have figured out what was causing the disease progression and developed medications that would at least stop its progression but they had not. I guess it is true, there is no money in curing emphysema and COPD, only in treating or "managing" these diseases.

After two and a half years of not smoking, my mother was in End Stage emphysema, on 4 liters of continuous supplemental oxygen and weighed only 77 pounds. I was literally watching my mother die right in front of my eyes. She began looking like all those patients I had seen many years earlier working at the hospital. They sat sadly in a wheelchair looking like "skin and bones."
I decided I was not giving up without a fight. I was not going to let my mother die like those patients had so many years earlier. If the pharmaceutical companies could not come up with anything better than this and neither could the medical industry then I would look elsewhere which is exactly what I did.

Emphysema and COPD Cure

I reasoned that there was something growing or proliferating in my mother's lungs and it was not being treated or even acknowledged by the doctors who saw my mother. I realized that this unknown pathogen had to be stopped if my mother was to survive this disease. I soon realized the reason the doctors were not alarmed when she arrived for each visit worse than before was that she was dying right on schedule. 

Six Protocols That Reversed My Mom's Emphysema

After more than 6500 hours of research on emphysema and COPD, I developed six protocols that:
  1. Starve this unknown pathogen.
  2. Create an environment that disease cannot exist in.
  3. Liquefy the excess mucus so it can be coughed up and out of the lungs instead of dried up and left in the lungs as it does with Mucinex.
  4. Reduce the inflammation permanently instead of temporarily with prednisone, a dangerous corticosteroid.
  5. Restores the immune system by restoring the intestinal flora.
  6. Tears away the protective, bioelectric protein covering around the unknown pathogen.
  7. Amplifies the immune response.
All-in-all it took 17 months before my mother was completely well but she did completely recover from emphysema and COPD.

In Conclusion

My suggestion is visit my web site and read the pages especially the "Logic" page. If it makes sense to you then get a copy of my book, "How I Reversed My Mom's Emphysema."

If you are still skeptical and cannot follow the logic then do not buy the book and good luck to you. Make sure and ask your doctor if the drugs he or she is prescribing will stop the progress of emphysema and COPD or cure emphysema or COPD.

They will tell you my protocols are "quackery" yet they will offer no alternatives that will keep you alive or improve your condition. The choice is yours.

For a complete understanding of these treatments, visit our latest video on YouTube,

“The Overlooked Cause of COPD”

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