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Research Supports Reversal of Emphysema and COPD

With the medical and pharmaceutical industries claiming that emphysema, COPD and chronic bronchitis are terminal diseases and the best a patient can do once diagnosed is slow the disease progression with medications, it is important that I provide the titles of books and the research that allowed the complete reversal of my mother's emphysema.

First of all I noticed that even though my mother had quit smoking her emphysema had continued progressing. She was taking more than $1000 worth of drugs and treatments every month yet her condition had deteriorated down to Stage IV or End Stage emphysema. At that time my mother required 4 liters of supplemental oxygen and weighed only 77 pounds. I noticed she could only eat a fraction of the amount of food that she had eaten a mere two years earlier. She said if she ate any more she couldn't breathe.

She could only sleep for about an hour at a time before waking in the middle of an exacerbation gasping for air. Eventually she was gasping for air most of the time. Even when she would walk from her bedroom across the dining room and into the kitchen she would have trouble talking until she caught her breath.

I saw that the oxygen concentrator machine only went up to 5 liters and could not be adjusted any further as this was the maximum this machine could produce. The oxygen concentrator machine takes air from the room and separates oxygen from it and then sends that oxygen out through the breathing tube attached to the patient's nose or mouth. In my mother's case she wore a cannula in her nose through which she received this pure oxygen. I realized that I should adjust the machine up to 5 liters but hesitated knowing it was the last setting.

On her next visit to her doctor I asked why her emphysema was progressing in the absence of smoking explaining that she had not smoked in more than two years yet her emphysema was progressing continuously through that period. I explained that I understood emphysema was caused by smoking but that smoking had been removed from the equation and was no longer a factor in her worsening condition. The doctor eventually told me that it was a mystery as to why emphysema progressed long after smoking cessation.

I had taken notes over the previous two years and noticed that as her supplemental oxygen requirement had increased her meal size had decreased. I realized that she had quit smoking yet her emphysema had progressed unchecked throughout that time period. It seemed obvious that there was something growing in her lungs. Some unknown pathogen was proliferating in her lungs and her body was adapting by distending her lungs creating additional breathing volume for her. This all made perfect sense but what pathogen was proliferating in her lungs and how could I stop it and then how could I kill it.

Cancer Research Provides the Key
I found Pathology textbooks stating that the food supply for all pathogens that invade the body was sugar. This included cancer, fungi, viral cells and bacterial cells. I found cancer research at the University of Nevada School of Medicine under the direction of Dr. Kenneth Hunter that even said cancer cells have 90+ receptor sites on each cell for sugar. This successful cancer research had been ongoing for more than 15 years and was very convincing.

My mother was in such bad shape by that time, I was staying up all night so I could check on her every few minutes. I immediately removed the sugar from her diet and any foods that would convert to sugar in only a few biochemical steps like potatoes, bread, cereal, essentially any simple carbohydrates or foods made with grains.

My Mother Improves Almost Immediately
Within two weeks the improvement in my mother's condition was noticeable enough that she realized it and so did my brother. I continued her on this diet and expanded my search for more research or books that might have some additional helpful information that I could apply to my mother's emphysema and COPD. I soon found Dr. Fred Pescatore, M.D., a New York City physician. Dr. Pescatore had written a book, "The Allergy and Asthma Cure" which outlined his 8-step cure for allergies and asthma. Not surprisingly, the diet I already had my mother on was almost identical to the one he recommends for his allergy and asthma patients.
Additional Research and Books Provide Additional Improvement
Dr. Pescatore also recommended a high-quality, enteric coated probiotic that included prebiotic formula (food for the probiotics) and also included both the Lactobacillus strains for replenishing the small intestines and Bifidobacterium strains for replenishing the large intestines.

According to research, as well as Dr. Pescatore, Dr. Mercola and many other prominent physicians, probiotics make up a substantial portion of our immune systems, 70% -80% depending on who you believe. Naturally, if you are fighting a debilitating disease you need a fully functioning immune system. I immediately purchased the high quality probiotics that Dr. Pescatore recommends.

Complete Recovery from COPD and Emphysema

I found research telling of the mucolytic properties of N-acetyl-l-cysteine, or NAC which eliminated the problem of excess mucus production. I found research in the British Medical Journal detailing how omega-3 fatty acids would reduce inflammation, another serious problem for emphysema and COPD patients. I found a  book by Dr. Baroody, "Alkalize or Die" explaining how disease was a result of acid residue and that disease could not exist "en vitro" or "en vivo" in an alkaline environment so I gave my mother 2 different supplements that pushed her body to a more alkaline pH.  

I found supplements used by the cancer researchers mentioned above that would tear away the protective covering on pathogenic cells and another one that would amplify the immune response which I put my mother on immediately. 

I found a Mayo Clinic researcher that helped cure my mother's severe migraines through his sinusitis research published in 1999 that her doctor still has not read or heard about. 

Her doctor prescribed antibiotics for her sinusitis which, according to Clinical Mycology textbooks, "ensure the chronicity of fungal infections." In essence, he made the infection worse with antibiotics. I found a book by Dr. Green, "Natural Therapies for Emphysema and COPD" which provided some additional information on supplements that would provide healing for my mother.

All in all, it took 17 months but my mother completely recovered from End Stage Emphysema. She no longer needed any supplemental oxygen, she could eat a full meal with no distress, she could sleep through the night without waking, she re-gained all of her lost weight and she could stand up straight and drive a car, something she had not done in more than 6 years!

Research Shows Negative Effects of COPD Medications
Two studies out of British Columbia on Spiriva, a common drug prescribed to emphysema and COPD patients, showed very negative results. One told of increased urinary problems caused by Spiriva and the other showed that patients taking Spiriva had more hospital stays and doctor visits than their counterparts not taking Spiriva. Naturally, the drug company that produces Spiriva complained and you probably never heard about these very negative results linked directly to Spiriva by these studies. 

This statement appears at the bottom of the Advair advertisement on WebMd.

 I can tell you how they work, they reduce inflammation however, Advair contains salmeterol, a corticosteroid. I believe this drug, along with prednisone, are the two culprits that accelerated my mother's emphysema and almost killed her! Here is some additional information regarding the very dangerous Advair drugs.

"8 Drugs Doctors Would Never Take"

"8 Drugs Doctors Would Never Take" - Mercola

Click the links below for additional information and make sure and visit my web site: Emphysema Treatments.


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    1. Well Andrew, in light of the fact that no drug has ever cured a disease ever in history, I think you may want to take those rose colored glasses off and start dealing with reality! You have been brainwashed by all the pharmaceutical ads but you are not alone!

  2. andrew swans you must be one of those dr's that gets a kick back on medicine! boohoooo scared too many people are gonna catch on to the fda and the dr.s making money? you should end up with COPD and die a slow death for even trying to take away someones hope that there is a cure! people like you make me sick!

    Thank you to the gentleman that shared his story and gave some of us hope! i am actually on some of the stuff you had mentioned just started it the other day! thanks

    1. Good for you. It is hard to ignore the idiots but necessary!

  3. Thank you for sharing your research and story, Mr. GMiller. My dad was diagnosed with stage 3 COPD emphysema and it's really hard for us family members to witness all of his sufferings from this dreaded disease with no known cure. He's 73 yrs old and it's good to know that somehow, HOPE still exist! Will let him know about this article the soonest. God is good!

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    1. The problem is not finding a source of supplemental oxygen but understanding the reason why you need more and more as time goes on even if you have quit smoking. This disease is obviously a pathogen proliferating in the lungs and it can be killed. Once people realize this fact, the pharmaceutical industry will lose hundreds of millions of dollars on their worthless drugs that only mask symptoms temporarily and provide NO lasting improvements.

      Anyone who relies solely on the prescribed medications will not survive this disease! That is a fact!

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