Thursday, September 29, 2011

Logical Emphysema Treatments

Even though the pharmaceutical and medical industries state that emphysema, COPD and chronic bronchitis are progressive (the new word replacing "terminal"), I researched them anyway. My mother had been diagnosed and I could not just sit back and watch her die.

End Stage Emphysema

She quit smoking and took all the prescribed emphysema medications yet her condition worsened. As her emphysema progressed I noticed that at the most critical time, End Stage Emphysema, the medications stopped working one by one over about a 3 month period. These medications only provided temporary relief from the emphysema symptoms yet that temporary relief was all she had. Once the drug would wear off, she would be right back where she started with no improvement.

Logical Cause of Emphysema

It occurred to me that she had not smoked for more than two years yet her emphysema continued progressing. I reasoned that there must be some unknown residual pathogen left over from smoking that was growing or proliferating in her lungs. As it proliferated her body adapted by distending the lungs creating additional surface area for gas exchange (breathing).

As the lungs distended the pathogen proliferated. This went back and forth until her distended lungs were crowding her stomach making normal-sized meals impossible. I reasoned that starving the pathogen would stop its progress.

Logical Cure for Emphysema

Remembering a graduate course I had taken in Pathology I remembered that all pathogens eat sugar. Removing all systemic sugar from my mother's diet was a potential method of starving this pathogen and stopping its progress. I had nothing to lose. She was down to only 77 pounds and required 4 liters of continual supplemental oxygen 24/7. 

I not only took sugar out of her diet I also removed anything that would break down to sugar in a few biochemical steps like potatoes, other starchy foods and anything with grains in them like bread and cereal.

The Improvement Begins

Amazingly, in two weeks my mother was noticeably better. She was barely taking any medications since they were no longer providing relief and once they stopped providing that relief, she refused to use them. I realized that none of these prescription emphysema treatments were providing any healing or lasting improvement so I continued looking for alternative treatments that would provide permanent improvement.

Reversing My Mother's Emphysema

I began attacking each aspect of her illness. First I found a supplement that would reduce inflammation which eliminated the need for prednisone. I then found a supplement that would amplify her immune response which eliminated the secondary infections and the antibiotics that were being prescribed to treat them. I found a supplement that would liquefy the mucus so she did not need Mucinex anymore. She was able to cough up all of the excess mucus which is a common symptom of chronic bronchitis. I restored her intestinal flora with a high quality, enteric coated probiotic which included strains that would replenish her large intestine and her small intestine and it included the food supply for the probiotics. I found a very inexpensive supplement that would move her pH ever so slightly in the alkaline direction making it difficult for any disease to reside. Lastly, I included a supplement that would tear off the bioelectric covering around the cells of the pathogen, whatever it was. I also made sure she drank about half of her body weight in ounces of water.

Healthy Diet Necessary for Recovery from COPD

I fed my mother uncontaminated meats only. That is, meats that do not have any antibiotics or steroids. These meats are more expensive but I thought get my mom healthy and we will figure out how to pay for everything later. Not a very good philosophy from an accountant's point of view but I wanted to save my mom first. We could get to the other daily crap after that was accomplished. Any of you who are suffering from this disease probably know the feeling.

I bought vegetables at the local vegetable market. I would take half of them and steam them and the other half I made salads with. I cut up each vegetable and put it in its own bowl. That way I could make her a fresh salad in less than a minute with whatever she wanted in it. I also made sure I took the harder vegetables, like carrots, and steamed them since they were too hard for her to chew if left raw.

Since I had taken sugar out of her diet there was no desert for about 6 months. After that she had gotten so much better I began adding one desert which was fresh blueberries with organic plain yogurt. The plain yogurt tastes a bit like sour cream. It is not the vanilla flavor it is plain. I would put this in a fancy dish so it looked like it was from an expensive restaurant. She loved it and eventually began asking for it.

Once she was getting much better we began adding in a little bread. I would buy one short loaf of high quality sour dough bread and we would split the loaf making sandwiches and toasting some. We would thoroughly enjoy it for a day or two and then eliminate it again until the next month.

Complete Recovery Shocks Doctors
After 14 months on the diet and taking the supplements every day my mother was only requiring 2 liters of oxygen and was back up to 95 pounds. This doesn't sound like much but she was only 103 pounds at the time of her diagnosis. She is only 5' 2" tall.

I documented everything with regards to my mother's health including the supplements and each minute detail that I noticed. My brother found an osteopath that would listen to what I had found in my research and look at my documentation. He agreed to prescribe a few medications which finished the job.

Prescribing these medications would have normally meant that he was practicing outside of established medical protocols which is an absolute no, no for doctors. This behavior can get them in trouble and if they don't stop, they can lose their license. Relying on the documentation I had provided allowed him to step outside these medical protocols without the threat of getting in trouble or worse.

Seventeen months after I began applying the six general protocols that reversed my mother's emphysema my mother had completely recovered from emphysema. There were no signs of the disease. She had re-gained all of her lost weight. She did not need any supplemental oxygen at any time. She could eat normal-sized meals. She could sleep the entire night without waking. She no longer had any problems with breathing and did not even need a rescue inhaler.

My mother's doctors still think it was their drugs that cured her emphysema. They didn't realize that she had stopped taking their drugs more than a year earlier nor had they realized that the other emphysema patients they were treating with the same drugs were either dead or dying and were not making any improvement.

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