Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Smoking Cessation Product That Actually Works

When my mother was diagnosed with emphysema and copd I was reminded again just how dangerous smoking is. I had tried to quit many times using a variety of methods. I first tried the classic nicorette gum which I had a little success with but I did not quit smoking. I did manage to slow down the smoking each day I used it and that certainly accounted for something. I then tried the patches thinking maybe it would take away my desire for cigarettes altogether but I got fidgety and eventually I was smoking a pack a day again.

I then decided to try hypnosis thinking I just needed to train my brain to not want or crave nicotine. That worked for 3 days, well almost 3 days. I was getting desperate and running out of smoking cessation options when I found aversion therapy. 

The idea was to associate smoking with such unpleasant stimuli that it would almost make you sick just to think about smoking. I tried educating myself with information from the “quit smoking” phone lines that are present in all states now, I think. Along with this education I found pictures of diseased lungs that was caused from smoking. This made me nervous and you guessed it, I smoked even more.

I was talking to a friend of mine who after moving out of the state with his wife had called me. He had smoked a pack or more of Marlboro reds daily. He told me the only way to quit was using the nicotine inhalers. I had never heard of nicotine inhalers but I was determined to find them so I got in the car and headed for Wal Mart. 

Much to my disappointment they were not available at Wal Mart and the pharmacist said they were not available without a prescription. Every other country in the world allow you to purchase this effective smoking cessation product but ours.

In the U. S. instead of spending $50 and buying a box of 42 cartridges like you can everywhere else you need a visit to your doctor $75 and then a prescription for the nicotine inhalers ($95). Instead of getting ripped off I went online and found Kiwi Drugs in New Zealand. 

They are very friendly and very quick to ship. $49 and 10 days later I had my nicotine inhalers. I quit smoking that day just trying one of the cartridges and have not smoked since. I actually like these better than cigarettes. I have my nicotine inhaler with my coffee (when I drink coffee which is rare these days) and even have one with my occasional beer. I am amazed at how wonderfully these things work. I get craving a cigarette thinking there is no way the inhaler will work on this very strong craving but low and behold they do every time.

When I first started on these nicotine inhalers two weeks ago I used 6 cartridges each day but now, only two weeks later, I am down to only 2 cartridges. A very quick taper unlike what I experienced with the gum or the patches.

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