Thursday, February 11, 2010

Another Problem Arises: As If Emphysema Wasn't Enough!!

A few years after my mother’s diagnosis with emphysema and COPD another problem arose. She began having seizures and had actually collapsed at the drug store waiting in line for more prescriptions. She was put on additional medications to control the seizures. When I asked her new doctor, the neurologit, what was causing the seizures he gave me some more rhetoric. I again persisted with my questioning until I got the same response I had gotten from the pulmonary specialist.

“We don’t know what causes these seizures. We only know that these medications control the seizures.”

Another mystery?! You have got to be kidding me! I wondered why medical school took so long to get through if everything was a mystery. I also wondered how my mother had gone 72 years without any debilitating ailments and now in less than two years she had two seemingly unrelated debilitating conditions. I began to wonder if they could be related.

She told me that she had initially gone to the doctor complaining of dizziness and had actually fallen on the driveway trying to get the mail from the mailbox. Her doctor had tried a myriad of medications to solve this problem but to no avail. She was still dizzy most of the time and now had two additional problems, emphysema and COPD along with seizures.

Because of their manifestation, chronologically, I began to think that they had to be related in some way. I didn’t know how they were related but it seemed too coincidental that they would all materialize in such a short period of time and not be coming from the same or similar sources. I realized the doctors didn’t think so but they thought everything was a mystery and at that point I didn’t have much confidence in any of them for the obvious reasons.

I remember when one doctor told me that emphysema could actually be caused genetically and I replied that I knew in rare cases emphysema was caused by an alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency. I’ll never forget the blank look I got from him after that statement. I believe he realized that my knowledge of this disease had eclipsed what he knew about it. Granted he treated many diseases throughout the day and I was only researching one but nonetheless I now knew at least, if not more, than he did about this disease.

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