Friday, January 22, 2010

Chantix™: Not Much Better Than Sugar Pills

The pharmaceutical industry has, once again, done it for smokers. Their newest drug to assist smokers in quitting is called Chantix™. They show an older gentleman telling how his kids wanted him to quit smoking so bad and how he finally succeeded with Chantix™. Then, as we have all learned from repeated drug commercials, they begin their long dissertation on the side effects. When they begin outlining the  side effects which are possible for those unlucky enough to be prescribed Chantix™.  They begin with the not so problematic irritability and then proceed into the dangerous “hostility”, “suicidal thoughts or actions” and then the not so terrible allergic reactions until they say the rest which is that these allergic reactions can be “life threatening.”

They cite their research saying 22% of the research subjects had quit smoking in the 7th to 9th week of taking it. Then they tell the part I found so funny. They say that 22% of the Chantix™ users had quit and that 18% of the people who were given sugar pills had also quit. So they are willing to risk your life for 4%! You have got to be kidding me! They actually say this in their television commercial and the doctors will still prescribe it? They should be ashamed of themselves! I guess after spending all that money to develop and test Chantix™ they were willing to go ahead and sell it instead of admitting that it simply didn’t work very well and it was certainly not worth risking the patient’s life for 4%. I believe a thinking doctor would give their patient the sugar pill and forego the 4%.

Can you believe that this is the pharmaceutical industry’s solution to the smoking problem? The medical industry is still blaming smoking for the progression of emphysema and COPD even if the patient quits smoking. This makes absolutely no sense. If smoking is no longer in the equation then the mechanism driving this disease must be something other than smoking. When I asked my mother’s pulmonary specialist what that mechanism was he finally admitted, after a short rhetorical dissertation, that they simply didn’t know. They blame emphysema and COPD on smoking and I don’t doubt that it is the primary cause however, when the disease progresses after the patient quits smoking they continue to blame the progression of the disease on smoking. If the patient quits smoking and the disease is getting worse then there must be something else driving the mechanism that is causing the disease to get worse.

Finding the solution to this problem became my focus and very nearly my obsession. I researched every night, all night for a year and a half. I was scared my mother would stop breathing during the night so I couldn’t sleep anyway. After a total of three years and 6500 hours of research I found the solution and with changes to my mother’s diet along with adding supplements I proved to her new doctor that my solution was correct. He agreed to prescribe medications I requested which hastened her recovery.

All in all she had deteriorated down to 77 pounds from 103 pounds. She had gone from not needing any supplemental oxygen to requiring 4 liters and gasping for air most of the time. Her doctor put in her medical record that she was in “End Stage Emphysema” and that he was going to need to have a talk with the family about the inevitable.

Within 6 months I had her back up to 101 pounds and not requiring supplemental oxygen. She would go all day without it and even sleep without it. When she went somewhere she would  take the portable oxygen just in case. Every now and again she would get winded after over exerting herself and put the portable on set on 2 liters for maybe 20 to 30 minutes. The thing that puzzled me the most was the doctors claiming their drugs caused her to get better even though their other 599 patients were getting worse on the same drugs! What nonsense!!

My mother’s struggles and eventual recovery from this dreaded disease, literally in the 11th hour, is detailed in a book entitled, “How I Reversed My Mom’s Emphysema.” 

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